About Me

Why do I code?

Ever since my first computer science course at UNSW, I've been inspired by the potential for computers to augment the individual and the community. We always see super heros on TV whether it's in Marvel Comics or in Japanese anime shows. But I think the real super power of the 21st century is coding.

Coding is ubiquitious everywhere we go. It powers so much of our current world, and is probably the main reason we keep advancing exponentially as a race.

The applications are limitless, and supercharges the world to be more efficient, live more optimally, become smarter collectively.

Outside of work

When I'm not in front of the computer, I enjoy my time exploring various non-tech related things.

I balance my technical side by exploring my creative side through street dance culture, design, and music.

Let's get in touch!

Find me on LinkedIn or email me at maggiemxu11@gmail.com.