What makes good dancing?

Dance is a high subjective art form, just like every other art form out there. Whilst different things weigh differently to different people, I want to simply give a brief overview of common things that I have observed over the years that I have come to believe make good dancing.

Quality of movement

This is the difference between someone dancing for 1 year vs someone dancing for 10 years. The way they move through the air, the depth of movement, the body awareness, the fullness of the move.

Musical creativity

A big part, if not the most important part of dance, is the appreciation of the music in it’s entirety. Dancers who play with the music and it’s instruments, layers, textures, energies ultimately express and appreciate the song deeper. The ability to do this requires appreciation and patience and also some music theory.

Movement creativity

Dance is also about exploring and pushing the limits of your own movement. Whether it’s speed, levels, groundwork, directions, grooves, concepts, adding to your vocabulary and repertoire of movement expands your dance, allowing your body to visualise the music in new ways. Physique and fitness are important here.

Personal intention and meaning

Dance is an art-form, and hence communicates to an audience through expression. Dancers who converse directly with their audience and take their audience on a journey (personal or universal) captivate and leave a lasting impression.

Published on 2020-03-06